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Your bookings - which must be via our web site and sent to us with a deposit of One Hundred and Fifty Pounds (£150.00), will only be effective when confirmed by us in writing. We must receive the balance, together with an "Accidental Damage Deposit" of £100, not later than six weeks before the beginning of your holiday. In the event of cancellation and if the property cannot be re-let you will have to pay the whole quoted price for the period booked.

Occupying the property

The cottage will available for occupation from 3 p.m. on the first day of your holiday and must be vacated by 10 a.m. on the last day. The licence from the owner shall permit you and the members of your party as named on the booking form only (no one else) to occupy the cottage for holiday purposes only. For the avoidance of doubt, you may invite friends over to visit but the number of people in the cottage must at no time exceed the amount of people we have stated the cottage 'sleeps', unless you have our prior consent. No one other than those on the Booking Confirmation form may sleep at the cottage. Failure to observe these rules is likely to be a serious breach (see Condition 8). You may not sub-let the cottage.

You must also comply with any reasonable 'rules of the house' laid down by us, which have been made to improve the use and enjoyment of the cottage for all concerned. You should assume that all "normal" rules, such as consideration for neighbours, apply. For example, if you would like to throw a party you must obtain our consent in advance. We reserve the right to enter the cottage at any reasonable time provided reasonable notice is given to you.

Accidental Damage Deposit

You must keep the cottage clean and in good order and will be responsible for any breakages. We shall be entitled to deduct from the Accidental Damage Deposit the cost of remedying any breach of these obligations together with the cost of any service or goods provided to or for you and for which you have not paid. The amount of the Accidental Damage Deposit is normally £100. This sum is not an insurance premium and does not negate the clients (tennants) liability for the full cost of any damage accidental or otherwise occuring during the period of hire.

The whole amount or the balance after any deduction, as described above, of the Accidental Damage Deposit will be refunded to you promptly following the end of the letting.

Descriptions and changes

We have carefully inspected the cottage and the information on our web site and in our information leaflet is believed to be true and accurate. Whilst all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that descriptions and other information given to you are accurate, we cannot accept responsibility for errors contained in the information arising from routine maintenance, improvements or modifications made by ourselves since our last rewrite of the information. In any event, you acknowledge that minor differences may arise between the photographs, illustrations and descriptions of cottage appearing in the web page or printed information and the actual cottage.

Difficulties and maintenance

If you have any difficulties with a cottage, or require maintenance or have any complaints, please immediately notify the caretaker in the first instance. Because of the difficulties in investigating the validity of any complaint once you have departed from the cottage, we can only investigate those complaints which are notified to us promptly and in any event before the end of the holiday.

Unavailability of the cottage

We may cancel any booking already made if the cottage becomes unavailable for reasons beyond our reasonable control. Examples of such reason may include flooding, fire, and other significant damage to the cottage or failure of utility services to the cottage. If this happens we will refund to you any sums you have paid, but we shall have no other liability to you.

Our liability to you

We will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you or any member of your party or to your or their cottage, except where such loss or damage is due to our negligence. If we are negligent, our liability to you will be limited to the loss or damage which was a foreseeable result of such negligence. Except in the case of death or personal injury resulting from our negligence, the total liability of us to you in respect of any breach of these Terms of Business or tort or other act or omission by us in connection with this contract shall be limited in the aggregate to the price agreed to be paid by you for the right to use the cottage for the period agreed.

Where you are a customer acting in the course of a business, the Condition below shall apply instead of the preceding.

We do not accept liability to customers acting in the course of a business for losses of profits, business, contracts, goodwill, anticipated savings, expenses, consequential losses or other similar losses, for any reason whatsoever. To the extent permitted by law and except in the case of personal injury or death resulting from our negligence, the maximum limit of our liability to business customers, whether in contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise shall be the price agreed to be paid by you for the right to use the cottage for the period agreed.

We do try to help to ensure that having chosen the cottage, that it is suitable for you, however this is ultimately your responsibility and if you are unsure about an issue, please check in advance. We reserve the right to refuse to accept bookings in our absolute discretion. The cottage is unsuitable for wheelchairs and the stairs are steep in the traditional style.

Termination of your holiday

If you commit a serious breach of these Terms of Business we have the right to terminate your booking and, if you are already at the cottage, we may require you to vacate it at once. A serious breach of these Terms of Business may include failure to comply with rules of the house or health and safety advice or circumstances where your behaviour, or that of your guests, is likely to have a significant adverse effect upon those staying or living nearby the cottage. We will always try to act reasonably and will usually give a warning but if, in the our judgement, you or your guests' behaviour has made the possibility of your stay continuing untenable, you may be asked to leave immediately. Unless we are able to find someone else at short notice to rent the cottage for the remaining period, no refund of the fees you have paid will be returnable to you.

Changing dates

Once dates of a booking have been confirmed in writing to you, they can only be changed with our agreement.


In the event of a cancellation, we will make reasonable efforts to re-let the cottage and if we succeed you will receive a refund. The refund will be the sum recovered by us through re-letting less the any outstanding balance on your booking.

However, if we are unsuccessful in re-letting, you will be liable for the full cost of the letting. In any event, the balance of any monies due must be paid to us six weeks before the start of the holiday in the usual way.


You may only bring pets including dogs by special arrangement, for which a fee will be charged when we have confirmed that your request is acceptable. If agreed then the following House Rules would apply:-

  • Keep your pets off the furniture.
  • Do not allow them upstairs
  • You must always clear up after your pets and you must remove all trace of your pets having been present both inside and in the courtyard before you leave the cottage.
  • Please exercise your pets away from the Cottage and it's Garden.
  • Please remove pet hairs from carpets before you leave.
  • Pets must not disturb neighbours, for example, by barking all night.
  • Nevert leave your pets unattended in the cottage.
  • Please do not assume that local beaches will allow dogs and be advised about dog friendly beaches by the information provided in our information package.

Caring for your safety

As part of our safety first policy we do our best to ensure that our cottage is safe. Nevertheless, please remember that when you are in unfamiliar surroundings, you must take special care of yourself and your family. In particular:

  • Check the layout of the building so that in an emergency you can get out quickly and easily.
  • Keep young children off the stairs unsupervised.
  • If you use the open fire, make sure that you check that the fire is safely out and the gas turned off before you go to bed.
  • Read carefully the notes of guidance provided.
  • If you are unsure of how to use any of the facilities or appliances then please read the guidance notes contained in the Welcome Folder.
  • Read the Fire Precautions Notice.

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